The healthcare sector is impacted by unprecedented changes
which are creating a domino effect.

Current reforms rely heavily on information systems and this has triggered a race against time
with the IT industry trying to supply the needed technologies and
healthcare organizations attempting to adopt them.

Are information systems improving care?
Do they reduce costs?
Do they enhance workers' productivity and satisfaction?
Are they aligned with organizations' business goals?
If so, how and to what extent?

Top 15 words

Top 15 words of four letters or more used by respondents in a research on health data warehousing evaluation (April 2014). (PDF, 148KB)

The answer to these questions depends on our ability to perform objective assessments.

Through the systematic collection and analysis of quantified measures of systems' performance,
effectiveness and efficiency, the toolset described here enables such assessments. In turn, the results of
the evaluation provide actionable insight into resources optimization to:

  • Increase return on investments, accountability and transparency for all stakeholders;
  • Strengthen our strategic capability to control volatile environments; and
  • Generate improvements needed to expand benefits for patients, organizations and
    healthcare systems.